Briefing & Actions for NAB Staff


Questions for NAB staff to ask NAB's leadership

CEO Ross McEwan has said that NAB would 'measure itself against' the International Energy Agency’s Net Zero by 2050 scenario in NAB’s new Oil & Gas Policy.

In keeping with the IEA's Net Zero by 2050 scenario:

  1. That does mean that NAB will cease funding any company responsible for fossil fuel expansion? (i.e. projects not already at production stage)
  2. Since the policy is completed, is there a reason why this policy is not being applied immediately? (e.g. in the case of the Oil Search loan)
  3. Does the new Oil and Gas Policy allow any exceptions that would continue or extend funding to companies pursuing new fossil fuel expansion?
  4. Is NAB also intending to exit existing oil and gas investments by 2030?
  5. Will NAB also cease funding companies which are pursuing projects inconsistent with Net Zero by 2050, such as Whitehaven Coal, New Hope, Woodside and Santos?

What staff can do

  1. Do an anonymous survey.
  2. Speak to colleagues about the issue.
  3. Raise the above questions with your manager.
  4. Raise the above questions on Facebook Workplace.
  5. Ask for a staff briefing on the new Oil & Gas Policy at the next town hall.
  6. Join a Whatsapp group of other staff who want action on this issue. 
  7. Move a motion with union members for the above questions to be addressed.